37. The Family, Line 5

As a queen she approaches her family.

A person in a position of leadership and power must use it for the benefit of all, like a wise and benevolent mother.


You are regarded as the “mom” in your group, regardless of your sex or age. It is your responsibility to use this position wisely.


Tomorrow: Line 6: Her work commands respect.

37. The Family

Wind comes forth from fire.

When all members of a group fulfill their own roles and contribute to the common good, the energy generated will create its own environment of light and vitality.


A big fire creates its own weather patterns. In the same way, a group in which each member can do her own thing and contribute to the common good will create an uplift for everybody.

Texans, right now you must look to your most immediate group — your Family –— for support. Contribute your share of heat, and devote yourself to others who will do the same.

Meaning: Sen. Ted Cruz is not a leader, he’s a leech. Texas: Find someone who’ll contribute to the heat, not run off to Cancun to lie in it.


The Family is our current main message. We also received two changing lines, Lines 5 and 6. Tomorrow: “As a queen she approaches her family . . . “

25. The Unexpected

Under heaven thunder rolls.

Change comes from an unexpected direction. Success will be yours when you meet it with simple openness. There is no need to fear.


The Unexpected is the future message we received from the combination of our main message, Increase, and changing line 4.

You are living in a time of major, life-altering changes over which you have no control. This future message tells you not to fear a major change that will be arriving on your doorstep. Instead of fighting it, open the door and accept it. It may not seem like it at first, but this will lead to your advancement.

42. Increase, Line 4

If you walk in the middle . . . the prince will follow.

Maintain a balanced way of life, and others will be guided by your example, even those “above” you.

Are you concerned about extremes in the behavior of someone close to you? Remember: You can’t change other people. Your advice is well intentioned, but it is likely to be met with resentment.

Moderation and stability in your own life will be the best influencers.

Tomorrow: The Future of Increase: Change comes from an unexpected direction.

42. Increase

Increase. It furthers one to undertake something.

The only way to get the Increase you seek is to work toward it. You will be aided, if you aid others.

What are you seeking an increase in? Money? Love? Influence? It is possible now, but it won’t be handed to you. You will have to work for it. If, in working toward your Increase, you are also helping others, the Universe will give you an extra assist.

We have one changing line, Line 4. Tomorrow: ” . . . the prince will follow.”

34. Great Power

This is the future reading we receive when we change the changing lines we received with our main message, The Army.

Energy in harmony with the movement of heaven.

A time of great power is coming. Your inner strength and outward actions will combine to make significant achievement possible.

We’ve had a tough time with The Army — first “corpses in the wagon,” then “Retreat.” Not the winning “collective force” of the main message.

But, this future message brings hope: “A time of great power is coming.”

What “significant achievement” will you turn your Great Power to?

Tomorrow: An all-new reading.

The Army, Line 3

The army carries corpses in the wagon. Misfortune.

An inferior influence has taken control. It may be someone else, or it may be your own inferior qualities. Either way, you need to distance yourself from this influence.

This is the corona virus message! Corpses ARE being stored in wagons. The inferior influence is the attitude that we don’t need to, or simply won’t, do what is necessary to keep the death toll as low as possible.

Wear a mask! Wash your hands. Stay 10 feet away from others! Social distance yourself !

Tomorrow: The army retreats. No blame.

Post script: In 20+ years of doing readings, I never, ever expected to give this line its literal meaning: Corpses being stored in wagons. This is not ancient China. This is, indeed, misfortune on a global scale.

The Army, Line 1

The Army must set forth in proper order.

First, before you engage in a “battle,” be sure your cause is fair and just. Then put the appropriate organization and discipline in place.

Yesterday, our main message told us “Discipline and control, employed toward a common goal, bring ‘good fortune without blame.’ ”

With today’s Line 1, you are advised to first be sure your cause is fair and just. No problem there — your website is about the I Ching. But the “appropriate organization?”

You need to hire — or find — someone who has the skills you lack.

Tomorrow: . . . the army carries corpses in the wagon. Misfortune.

The Army

The army needs perseverance.

You will find great strength in a collective force. Discipline and control, employed toward a common goal, bring “good fortune without blame.”

Now is a time when you need to join with others to accomplish something important. In a global sense, the Yi is probably talking about the corona virus. We in the U.S. need to exert discipline and control and wear our masks. Toughen up and use our collective force of people who aren’t idiots to make the idiots who won’t wear masks stop endangering us all.

On a personal level, the Yi is telling you: You can’t reach your goal without some help. “Good fortune without blame” means you are going to have to take some action that someone is not going to like. Too bad for them. You are doing the right thing, and you will benefit from it.

Tomorrow: Line 1. The army must set off in proper order . . .

(This is a new reading. We discuss this main message today, and the three changing lines we received on the next three days, and finish up with the future reading on the fourth day.)

Susan Lee