42. Increase

“Increase. It furthers one to undertake something.”

The only way to get the Increase you seek is to work toward it. You will be aided, if you aid others.


Hope you are ready for some changes — today’s main message, Increase, comes with five changing lines! That’s a lot of change coming your way.

The Book of Changes says: Good things will happen, some kind of Increase — if you work at it. And this undertaking needs to help others, also, not just you.

If you fulfill both these requirements, the Universe will come to your aid.

How will that happen? The Yi sent us five —5!— changing lines to explain.


Next: Changing Line 1. “It furthers one to accomplish great deeds.”

How the Book of Changes Works

“The way in which the Book of Changes works can best be compared to an electrical circuit reaching into all situations. The circuit only affords the potentiality of lighting; it does not give light. But when contact with a definite situation is established in the questioner, the ‘current’ is activated, and the given situation is illumined.”

Richard Wilhelm

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