6. Conflict, Line 4

“One turns back and submits to fate.”

You have stepped off your path to push for a specific goal. Unfortunately, it won’t work. Focus on the path, the journey you were meant for, and keep moving forward.


A Conflict is at work in your life: You know what you need to do, and you’re doing it, but . . . another interest is calling you. Maybe it’s in a relationship, maybe it’s at work.

Whatever it is, the Book of Changes says: Heads-up from the Universe: This new, alluring direction would never work out. Turn back and continue on your own path.

Example: You’ve got a friend who’s constantly trying to get you into cryptocurrency. The Yi is telling you: Don’t go there; it’s not for you. And don’t quit your day job.


Next: Future. “A change will come . . . “

How the Book of Changes Works

“The way in which the Book of Changes works can best be compared to an electrical circuit reaching into all situations. The circuit only affords the potentiality of lighting; it does not give light. But when contact with a definite situation is established in the questioner, the ‘current’ is activated, and the given situation is illumined.”

Richard Wilhelm

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