50. Establishing the New

“Establishing the new. Supreme good fortune.”

You need to make a fundamental change. When you make this change, it will bring you to a state of being where great things can be accomplished.


Establishing the New is the future of Dispersion. Once you have let go of conflicts and grievances, you will be free to make big changes in your life.

The Book of Changes says: You have been stuck in old patterns and fighting old battles. When you let go of the old stuff, you’ll be able to start something new, and with this new outlook, you will prosper.

Example: Establishing the New may signal you are ready to start recovering from your divorce. The Yi says: Let all that bad old stuff go. Starting a “new” life will bring supreme good fortune.


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How the Book of Changes Works

“The way in which the Book of Changes works can best be compared to an electrical circuit reaching into all situations. The circuit only affords the potentiality of lighting; it does not give light. But when contact with a definite situation is established in the questioner, the ‘current’ is activated, and the given situation is illumined.”

Richard Wilhelm

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