59. Dispersion, Line 5

“Loud cries as dissolving as sweat.”

When a high fever breaks, you experience a tidal wave of sweat meant to cool down your body. In much the same way, the solution to your problem will appear as a mind-flash — a true “ah ha!” moment.


Have you had a ‘smack yourself in the forehead’ revelation? Something you have been worrying about, puzzling over, is about to be solved. It will come to you like the proverbial light bulb over your head.

The Book of Changes says: The Dispersion of a whole cluster of problems will come when you receive this mind-flash.

A common revelation is: “This is not my problem. I didn’t cause it, and I won’t be able to “fix” it. The best I can do is offer support.”

Acceptance and detachment will open the door for a better future, as we will see in our future reading, Establishing the New.


Next: Future. “You need to make a fundamental change.”

“Always in motion is the future.”


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