39. Dispersion, Line 4

“She dissolves her bonds with her group.”

You must sacrifice something you are attached to — an attitude, a belief, a goal, a person — in order to make progress toward your Inner Truth.


This line often come up when we realize a group we identify with is headed in a different direction. It could be the folks at work, or your own family.

The Book of Changes says: You have to get some distance here, but you don’t have to slam the door shut. Dispersion — a gradual lessening of contact — will serve you best.

Eg. You have an aunt who, every few years, gets caught up in some sort of pyramid scheme or party plan. Then she pesters every one in the family to buy into it. The Yi says: Keep your distance.


Next: Line 5. “Loud cries as dissolving as sweat.”

Book of Changes — Like Yoga for Your Mind

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