39. Obstruction

“The superior woman seeks the error within herself.”

Something is stopping you from moving forward. It is probably an error in your own thinking.


Is something holding you back? What’s stopping you? This Obstruction may not be what you think.

The Book of Changes says: Many times we fail to try something because we know someone close to us will disapprove. Or the Obstruction may be that you think you “can’t do it,” when in fact you are quite capable.

The Yi sent two changing lines to help you seek — and find — the “error within” yourself.

Next: Line 3. “Going leads to Obstruction . . . “

How the Book of Changes Works

“The way in which the Book of Changes works can best be compared to an electrical circuit reaching into all situations. The circuit only affords the potentiality of lighting; it does not give light. But when contact with a definite situation is established in the questioner, the ‘current’ is activated, and the given situation is illumined.”

Richard Wilhelm

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