57. Gentle Wind

“Success through what is small.”

You will get where you want to go only through slow, steady steps. Plot a straight path to your desired destination, and stay on it.


I call this one the divi divi tree message. On the island of Aruba, because the wind blows consistently in the same direction, the divi divi trees grow to look like giant hands, all pointing toward the more populated shore.

The Book of Changes says: Be like the divi divi tree. Keep growing in the same direction. Keep all your efforts in line with your ideal ‘destination,’ and pass up side distractions.

The Gentle Wind is the future of Temptation. Meaning: To by-pass the Temptation that is threatening you, you will have to take many small steps.


Tomorrow: A new reading.

How the Book of Changes Works

“The way in which the Book of Changes works can best be compared to an electrical circuit reaching into all situations. The circuit only affords the potentiality of lighting; it does not give light. But when contact with a definite situation is established in the questioner, the ‘current’ is activated, and the given situation is illumined.”

Richard Wilhelm

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