15. Modesty

“Modesty creates success. The superior woman carries things through.”

Are you realistic about what you want? Expecting too much, too soon, insures you will “fail.” Modesty, coupled with perseverance, will get you where you want to go.


Let’s explain this by an example:

I worked with a young woman who met a man at a party, and she instantly knew he was “the one.” They made a date for the next evening, at which she steered the conversation to: when they could get married, when he would quit his job in another state and move, etc.

She arrived at work the next day and immediately put her head down on her desk and sobbed loudly. Her life was over — he didn’t want to get married. She had made a complete fool of herself. We did a reading for her to try to help her sort things out. She received Modesty.

Fortunately, the young man was a friend of a friend; things were smoothed out and the whole thing was brushed off as “too much to drink.” She definitely expected too much, too soon, but fortunately, it wasn’t fatal. They continued to date for two years, and eventually married.


Tomorrow: Line 3: Modesty and merit carry things to conclusion.

Book of Changes — Like Yoga for Your Mind

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