The Army

The army needs perseverance.

You will find great strength in a collective force. Discipline and control, employed toward a common goal, bring “good fortune without blame.”

Now is a time when you need to join with others to accomplish something important. In a global sense, the Yi is probably talking about the corona virus. We in the U.S. need to exert discipline and control and wear our masks. Toughen up and use our collective force of people who aren’t idiots to make the idiots who won’t wear masks stop endangering us all.

On a personal level, the Yi is telling you: You can’t reach your goal without some help. “Good fortune without blame” means you are going to have to take some action that someone is not going to like. Too bad for them. You are doing the right thing, and you will benefit from it.

Tomorrow: Line 1. The army must set off in proper order . . .

(This is a new reading. We discuss this main message today, and the three changing lines we received on the next three days, and finish up with the future reading on the fourth day.)

Susan Lee

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